April 17, 2017
Hello | Scarlet Aura
Khaki Bomber & Black Leggings – Woolies // White T-shirt & Booties – ZARA // Cross Body Bag – Cotton On

I know, I know. I’m not even going to say it, because I’ll only end up sounding like a broken record. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. So… hello.

I’ve been on a journey to minimalism for the past year or so and with that came a massive social media and blogging world detox. I felt I needed to eliminate a lot in order to find what I truly want, and truth be told… I’m still kinda figuring it all out and going with the flow of life.

I have, however, found a morning routine that’s working wonders for me and I’ve been doing that during the work week. I have yet to figure out my weekend morning routine, let alone long weekends! I find that if I don’t follow my usual routine, I end up doing things I later regret. Like eating lots of chocolates and hot cross buns. It just means I’d have to work extra hard at the gym.

So what is this morning routine of mine, you ask?

My hubby works in Cape Town and has no choice but to be up at 5am every morning to beat the traffic. He goes to gym every day before work, and I admire that about him. He looks amazing and I can tell he feels amazing and I wanted that for myself too!

So with the help of my husband, I now wake up at 5am with him, pull on my gym clothes that I’ve set aside the night before, brush my teeth, wash my face and off I go to gym.

Thankfully my gym is pretty close to my home, so there is no need for me to pack a gym bag and have to lug all that stuff around with me when I go to work. After gymming for about an hour, I come home, take a shower, feed Sherlock, and then I meditate for 30-45 minutes. After meditating, I get dressed in my outfit that I’ve set aside the night before, put on my daily face, and then I do my hair.

After I’m all dressed, I pack my lunch for work, and then I make myself some breakfast. Lately I’ve been having scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes with basil pesto, but other breakfasts of mine include a smoothie (using frozen berries and bananas that I’ve meal prepped in zip-lock bags on a Sunday), oats (I usually make mine on the stove with some peanut butter, honey, and topped with fresh bananas), and granola or muesli with almonds, bananas, yogurt and honey. So yummy!

As I eat my breakfast, I usually watch an inspirational video on YouTube or I read an inspirational article or book. After breakfast, I give the house a quick tidy up, and then I’m out the door with Sherlock. I usually drop him off at a neighbour’s house – who also has a miniature schnauzer. How lucky are we?

And then I’m off to work! I usually get to work around 08:30, so if I’m early, I’d run some morning errands first. By the time I’m sitting at my desk at work and sipping on my morning decaf coffee, I’ve already done a lot and can go through the day feeling energized, focused and guilt-free, because I know I have done something good for myself.

This morning routine of mine has been a life-changer. I love that I have now freed up my evenings and can pretty much do whatever I want, and that’s pretty damn awesome.

Do you have a morning routine? Do share it in the comments below.

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