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Beautiful Creatures

July 28, 2013
Scarlet Aura | Beautiful Creatures
White T-shirt, Black Wedge Ankle Boots & Sunglasses – Mr Price // Black High-Low Skirt – Jay Jays //
Cross Pendant – Sass Diva // Studded Sling Bag – Woolworths

I have always been a huge fanatic of fairy tales (especially the dark ones), vampires, werewolves, gothic scenes… pretty much anything mythical and mystical, and then I came across the amazing Beautiful Creatures, by far one of my favourite dark love stories. Now, I’ve only seen the movie, but will be getting my hands on the novels as well, a must-have for my collection.

In the movie, I was especially fascinated by Lena Duchannes wardrobe, and this post is inspired by that. I absolutely love the long maxi skirt and I got this high low one at Jay Jays. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off, but I quite like it. Check out the pictures and please do let me know what you think!

Paired with my black high low maxi is a white tee from Mr Price – my shades and black wedge ankle boots are from Mr Price too. My long cross chain is from Sass Diva and the black studded sling bag is from Woolworths as seen in some of my previous posts. The look is quite simple but it has a lot of edge. And we all know I like to add some edge to my simple outfits!

Scarlet Aura | Beautiful Creatures

Scarlet Aura | Beautiful Creatures

Scarlet Aura | Beautiful Creatures

Scarlet Aura | Beautiful Creatures

Raylene xoxo

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